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  • Adjusted EBITDA
    Adjusted EBITDA is determined as profit/(loss) for the period excluding finance costs and finance income, income tax (benefit)/expense, depreciation and amortization, foreign exchange (gain)/loss, impairment/(reversal of impairment) of non-current assets, movements in allowances and provisions (except for provision for bonuses), (gain)/loss on disposal of property, plant and equipment, (gain)/loss on changes in fair value of financial instruments, share of (profit)/loss of associates, and other non-cash, non-recurring and unusual items
  • Casing
    Steel pipe used to reinforce the walls of a well
  • CHP
    Combined heat and power
  • dB
  • Drill pipe
    Threaded seamless steel butted pipe used for well drilling
  • EAF
    Electric arc furnace
  • FQM
    Fine Quality Mill, a seamless rolling mill
  • GDR
    Global depository receipt
  • HBI
    Hot-briquetted iron
  • IAS
    Internal Audit Service
  • IFRS
    International Financial Reporting Standards
  • ISO 13679:2002
    Oil and gas industry. Standardized procedures to test casing and tubing connections
  • ISO 14001:2004
    Environmental Management System. Requirements and guidelines
  • LDP
    Large diameter pipe
  • Line pipe
    Pipe used in the construction and workover of upstream, transmission, and process pipelines
  • OCTG
    Oil country tubular goods
  • PQF
    Premium Quality Finishing, a seamless rolling mill
  • RAS
    Russian Accounting Standards
  • SAGD
    Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage
  • Seamless pipe
    Pipe manufactured through the insertion of a solid billet in a press or a piercing mill (with subsequent hot or cold working)
    PJSC Taganrog Metallurgical Works
  • Tubing
    Plain-end steel pipe or steel pipe with externally upset ends for oil and gas well operation
  • Welded pipe
    Pipes made from metal coil, plate, strip or sheet, rolled and welded, and manufactured on a tube welding mill
  • y-o-y
    Year-on-year change in a variable